Hi-Vibe Stickers

H2Life Stickers are the first water bottle accessories that allow you to bring positivity everywhere you go! What do you want more of today? Love, Abundance, Joy? Passion? Stick your intention then let the magic unfold! Mix and match to your heart's desire.

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H2Life Mission

H2Life is dedicated to a happy, healthy existence for all life on earth, starting with YOU. Our mission is to spread positivity to people and the planet. By filling our bottles and our worlds with uplifting words, we are taking a stand for unity and love...and inspiring others to do the same. We are also contributing to global efforts to solve the plastic waste problem on our planet simply by committing to re-usable water bottles. We are certain that small contributions by all of us are changing our world. Stickers for Smiles is our way of giving back. Every time you buy a sticker we donate one to a hospitalized child. We collaborate with DecMyRoom.org to spread stickers to as many children as possible.