Love is Everywhere!!

Happy Love month everyone!! 

In February we celebrate Valentines Day, a day of BEING open and loving, a day of GIVING and RECEIVING love whole-heartedly. Even though Valentines Day falls in the month of February, its spirit permeates throughout every moment of every day of the year!

Are you looking for more love in your life?  Whether its a life partner you desire or a deeper sense of self love, it all starts with awakening the essence of warmth within you.

We are souls made up of pure love and light. When we reconnect to source, we have the ability to bring more love into our lives.
It’s easy to shut down and disconnect from the world. It’s easy to buy into the belief that love isn’t part of our lives, but let’s take the TRUE PATH OF LEAST RESISTANCE together. This is the path of feeling the beauty and grace in every moment. This is the path of LOVING all of life. This is the path of loving ourselves and others unconditionally. 
Melissa and Sarah