Stickers for Smiles


Stickers for Smiles is an H2Life mission dedicated to spreading uplifting energy to those in need. Every time you buy a sticker or an 8 pack, we donate one to a child at a hospital. H2Life Founders Melissa Eliyahoo and Sarah Nehamen make regular efforts to deliver the stickers in person. As a mom of 2 (Melissa) and children’s art teacher of 5 years (Sarah), both are passionate about bringing positive messaging to kids. Children ARE our future and although some may not understand the power of words, energy and vibration on their little water bodies, they feel the effects tenfold. 

We are constantly reminded how much children are delighted by the smallest things and allow themselves to feel joy in the moment. It’s this that inspires us to move forward. 

Stickers for Smiles also partners will charitable organizations in order to spread stickers to as many people as possible. As we say, it’s the simple contributions that change the world!

If you would like to support Sticker for Smiles by making a delivery to your local hospitals, please contact us directly at We’d love for you to join us!!