Our Story


H2 Life has been an incredible journey. It began with a conversation between friends (Melissa Eliyahoo and Sarah Nehamen) and an idea that stuck to our hearts. We are both passionate about spreading positivity and making a difference on the planet in a fun, light-hearted way. The sticker idea came about after attending an event honoring the solar eclipse of 2017, which reminded us of the power of positive words. It was our intent to create a sticker that would highlight those words on something we carry around all day, re-usable water bottles. We chose bottles because not only do they contain water, the medium through which all life exists, they also help solve the plastic waste problem on earth. We figured, by ‘sticking’ positive messages here, we’re contributing to the health of our minds, bodies and the planet. Our brains receive subliminal messages within 1/300th of a second so why not give ourselves and our loved ones the opportunity to fill up with affirmations that make us feel good.

Our conversation went something like this:

Melissa: Hey, can I come over for a few hours and we’ll design that sticker we were talking about?

Sarah: Sure, no problem.

A few hours turned into several and one sticker lead to eight which lead to sixteen that could pretty much be placed on anything. Little did we know our idea would evolve into a line of sticker keepsake cards, a first of its kind.

Melissa: Hey, can I come over and we’ll figure out a name for our company?

Sarah: Sure, let’s do it.

A week later, we set an alarm for a 30-minute meditation, stated an intention for the kind of name we wanted, then let our imaginations run wild. The alarm went off and … boom! Both of us had the same name written down shy of 1 letter. And H2 Life was born.

From there it was non-stop from 8 stickers made specially for water bottles, to 8 additional stickers that can go on pretty much anything, to sticker keepsake cards that marry the preciousness of a hand written card with a beautifully designed affirmation sticker that can breathe life into the greeting far beyond the 'noted' special occasion.

H2 Life began as a vision to create something meaningful. Now, it’s evolved into something much bigger with products in retail shops all across the country to regular workshops and events at schools that inspire students to do good in the world, to our ‘Stickers for Smiles’ program that delivered thousands of stickers to hospitalized children last year.

We are so grateful for our journey and to our growing tribe ‘sticking’ by our side.