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How do I clean my bottle?
You would clean your bottle in the same way you would clean any other water bottle. Just make sure it doesn't go in the dishwater
Where is the best place to stick my sticker?
Make sure your sticker goes on the widest part of the bottle. This way it stays nice and smooth on the bottle.
How do I choose which sticker to use?
What do you need more of in your life? Is there something that you're lacking or something you would like more of?
How do these stickers work?
According to Dr Emoto, words on water have a huge impact on the physical structure of the water itself. So, for example, if you choose the sticker abundance, then you are drinking water on the same frequency of abundance and therefore increasing the opportunity of bringing more abundance into your life.
Does it change the alkalinity of the water?
No, it works on frequency not alkalinity.
Can I peel my sticker off and put it on a new bottle?
It's recommended to purchase a new sticker if you want to add a sticker to another bottle. If peeled of, it will lose its stickiness and therefore not stick very well.
Are there any side effects?
Yes! More abundance, love, joy, health, acceptance, trust, gratitude, and compassion will come into your life!
What is structured water?
Structured water is a molecular arrangement of water molecules that exists when water is near words and/or intention. The energy of the words or intention decides how the water is structured.
Will H2Life stickers pose any problems to the health of my water?
No, it will only benefit your drinking water!

Can I track my order?

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